Wrong Way


Punk’s about passion. It frees a force that comes out from your guts like a blasting hurricane, to burn your mind out with the strong fire of an idea. It produces such a powerful combustion in the brain that is able to simply devastate any negotiable condition about not acting on its precepts. We talk about viscerality, unconditionality. True blind belief.

Anyway, we love punk. David Byrne (The Talking Heads) said «Punk was defined by an attitude rather than a musical style». Hell-cheers to that! At Dylan’s we also believe in an attitude, and in the ability of people to achieve goals. And in the kinetic role that passion plays on it.

Wrong Way Dylan's

‘Wrong Way’ is located in Malasaña (Madrid), specifically on its most iconic street: La Palma St. It could be said that it is Madrid Punk-Rock’s ‘Valhalla’. Inside, people with deep roots in quasi-brotherly worlds meet regularly: skate, surf, music bands… And the aesthetics of the room are the perfect reflection of this.

In their sessions, classical themes - Punk’s Bible, Vol. I - are interspersed with emerging bands tracks (often with deep American influences).

It is the perfect place to enjoy a Royal Wave: a beer that really feels like home. In a place where those who bet on vital, vindictive and authentic forms of expression reign.

And live them passionately.

Wrong Way Dylan's

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