Taproom Madrid


Taproom Madrid believes in diversity as a system.

They make it to be their habitat, embracing a dynamic, daring and non-excluding way of seeing the world.

They consider that diversity is clearly positive for a society that sometimes mistrusts and ends up building walls instead of bridges (often without a justified reason).

Their forty beer taps are proof of this, and so they serve different recipes from different parts of the world on a daily basis.

Taproom Madrid Dylan's

Their board is as changing as an airport’s flight board, and you’ll find a wide variety of brands on it, showing the maremagnum that modern brewing industry is.

This is an authentic benchmark place in beer sector, where you’ll be able to find our Royal Wave on tap. Always served at the optimum temperature.

Share it. Enjoy it in company. Be diverse.

Taproom Madrid Dylan's

Taproom Madrid Dylan's

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