Escarcha Peluqueros

Talent against stereotypes

At 18 Rosario Pino St.(next to the well-known restaurant Txistu in Madrid) you can find Escarcha Peluqueros: An authentic bulwark of gentlemen beauty.

In charge of the place it’s Andrea Escarcha; a tireless innovator, and currently, the only barber-woman in Madrid.

Male care has always been a world exclusively reserved for male hands. That is a paradox, as women have traditionally been the other interested party. Luckily, we’ve matured. (Although we keep working on it, we see exciting signs along the way).

Let’s get back to the business: During every one of their elaborated sessions, each product - both for beard or hair - has a why. It could be said that Escarcha Peluqueros is a full-fledged academy. Inside it, classic canons are studied, and adapted for today’s man. Always from a feminine point of view.

Within this temple, and in a natural way, reality imposes itself over clichés with a sublime mastery. And Royal Wave is served bloody cold.

At Dylan’s we put ourselves in their hands. We love seeing talent breaking up with stereotypes.

Escarcha Peluqueros Dylan's

Escarcha Peluqueros Dylan's

Escarcha Peluqueros Dylan's

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