In Conde Duque street (Madrid) you can find Crumb, a workshop-restaurant with a clear goal: to add value to the product. They do it through the sandwich: An often-caricatured item by a society in a constant rush (this precise handicap makes them believe even more in their purpose).

The product here is a must; it’s not negotiable. It’s just the groundstone upon which to develop their ideas.

Using only organic products, they daily knead and bake their own bread (of seeds, potatoes, honey and onions …). Here bread has soul. And it tastes true. It’s precisely here where affection and dedication play an important role, and where each style is the perfect starting point for a different creation.

Their workshop is their own artisan laboratory. They are brainy and imaginative; and formalize creative combinations made with top quality products, in a dynamic menu. In order to match their flavors, they always have at hand the Royal Wave, our craft lager. A perfect style to match a unique and well-founded creation.


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