#ProyectoDaniel is an initiative as bestial as it's authentic that we know thanks to Spartan Race

It has its origin in the deepest of Fran's heart. A father who lost his son Daniel five years ago because of a rare disease that was never diagnosed. At that moment, his journey begins.

A titanic journey deep inside of himself. A journey of self-transformation to convert a hardly imaginable pain into strenghts to live. Now, through #ProyectoDaniel, he tells us that being alive is a unique opportunity, that we are all fragile and we must seize the moment.

Through FEDER association (Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases) , this project aims to support those affected by rare diseases (both patients and companions), and to cover their needs with resources and more visibility.


At Dylan's we are deeply thrilled by his initiative and as well as him, we believe in a society with global awareness and unlimited potential.

We say we make beer with purpose, and we're going to take it a step further. That is why we want to announce that we are going to support #ProyectoDaniel, allocating the 1% of Dylan's Craft Beer Company's revenues throughout this entire year 2018 to the cause.

We deeply admire Fran, as well as we admire all the people who, at the time they face difficulties, are able to connect with their inner selves. And to win for all of us.

Soon we will tell you how to join us and collaborate with FEDER in its fight through #ProyectoDaniel. To support the project of the small ones, the fighters: the capable inspirers of an epic feat.

Thank you for your lesson, Fran.


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