The Zagaless have prepared a sexy-wild-rocking session for that night. And so, we want you to be there with us for this singular party. Let's celebrate with some RoyalWave! And let us invite you, and also your friends.

We're raffling 3 beer packs for you to enjoy during the event, if you want to participate go and check our Instagram and Facebook profiles.


The Zagaless form our Dylan's DJ Set.

This crazy duo from Extremadura (Fran Neila and Fran Sánchez) is made up of real Indie music madmen and live music aficionados. Their sessions are made up of outstanding indie-rock tunes, combined with their own rock, pop, electronic or funk influences.

They are common beasts in clubs like INDIEpendent Club, or festivals such as Contempopránea. They promise rogue sets with a devastating force.


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