At Dylan's we are Spartans: Fighters who live their lives following a conscientious philosophy based on values. A small army made up of unstoppable people. That was done centuries ago at Thermopylae, and it still happens today when you live connected with your own potential. The one that lives within you, and that you must know to be able to activate.

This spirit is precisely that which fills the Spartan Race with meaning. This is why the organization of the event has opened their doors to us to share a platform from which to extend our philosophy to a community of people truly convinced of an idea: that they are capable. Without excuses.

Effort, perseverance, courage, struggle; The Spartan Race is an experience that transcends the conventional obstacle course. It is an approach to life through physical and mental tests; an introspective act that takes the two facets of your person to the limit.

Knowing yourself, surpassing yourself, offering your hand and asking for it. It's a tool of change with unlimited potential; a truly transformative experience, and a brutal exercise of self-honesty.

At Dylan's we want to accompany the Spartan community on their fire day. And for that reason we will get behind them in all their locations throughout Spain, to make their experience even more unforgettable. We'll do it from two places: the bar, so they can have a cold beer after their battle; and from the main stage, keeping the party up from the hands of cool artists committed to the cause.

We have the first appointment on the 5th and 6th of May in Madrid.
See you at the starting line.



JotaPop is a young DJ from Mérida. This lad is often touring around the country and that's why he has a promising national trajectory.

His sessions are known for their interaction with the crowd. He works on indie-pop and indie-rock mixes that go along with britpop and Madchester sounds. There is always one clear goal: dance must be guaranteed. He builds his sessions by combining new features with great classics, getting harmonic, fun and powerful sessions as a result.

He has traveled a long and intense path that has seen him taking his sets through a multitude of cities and clubs such as London (Scala), Madrid (Ochoymedio Club, Independance Club ...) and Bilbao (Stereorocks - Kafé Antzokia, 101), in addition to festivals such as BBK Live, Low Festival, and Sonorama.

Currently, he is developing 'TINGLAO' along with Psychic Boyz, a monthly party at Maravillas Club, which is currently one of the most popular sessions in Madrid.


Upside Down is a band from Madrid that arrives at the Spartan Race ready to offer one of their powerful Alternative Pop-Rock live shows. Their style is based on the catchy melodies from groups like Paramore or Fall Out Boy.

Their first album, 'Scars Are Forever', came out on December 12th of 2017. Before that they had released two EPs: 'If Things Keep Moving On' (2015) and 'Not As Good As You Expected' (2016). In this last album, they offer a more mature approach to their Pop Punk sounds, always keeping their own label up. Their last three singles 'Do I Still Miss You', 'Good Riddance' and 'Red Letter Days'; have truly had an unbeatable welcome in their community.


The Zagaless form our Dylan's DJ Set.

This crazy duo from Extremadura (Fran Neila and Fran Sánchez) is made up of real Indie music madmen and live music aficionados. Their sessions are made up of outstanding indie-rock tunes, combined with their own rock, pop, electronic or funk influences.

They are common beasts in clubs like INDIEpendent Club, or festivals such as Contempopránea. For this tour with Spartan Race they promise rogue sets with a devastating force, and target their sessions only at the wildest Spartans.


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