Chris White Play El Feo

Friday 21st September is a really special day for Dylan’s: we are going to celebrate life through an acoustic concert.

Chris White will be our master of ceremonies and we want to introduce you here:

Chris White Play El Feo

This is Chris. He was born in Australia and currently lives in Madrid, Spain. Chris loves music and, as a music-lover, has been playing for years in pubs and bars the world over. His experiences on the road have allowed him to get acquainted with many different cultures and forge friendships with people from a range of countries (Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Brazil and many more) that still remain to this day.

Wanna know another of one of his passions? Beer. Throughout all of Chris’ journeys, beer is the one constant. And none more so than right now, as he currently works at a well-known taproom in Madrid. Chris knows the aromas, textures, flavours, sounds, aftertastes that surround beer, and the vital role that beer can play in life, for example, in the simple act of sharing a beer in that moment when the good times become the best times. And a normal meet-up with family or mates turns into a memorable experience you’ll talk about for years.

At Dylan’s, we see ourselves in guys like Chris. And want to live this special moment with him.

On Friday 21st, Chris will meet up with family and friends from all over the world for an acoustic concert in ‘El Chico Feo’, Madrid. We invite you all to celebrate this special moment with us and our beer. During the concert, different attendees will take the stage to join Chris in performing iconic tracks from groups like The Beatles, U2, Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, The Verve, Pink Floyd … they will even play some Spanish songs. It will be a highly participative concert (so you never know, maybe you will end up playing a more active role in the night than you had planned).

Life is celebrated with music, with friends, with family and with beer. Also, with purpose. So, we’re excited to announce that all the profits raised through entrance tickets will be donated to #ProyectoDaniel (Meet this story here)

At Dylan’s we are deeply fortunate to have inspiring people so close by.

They symbolize, in such a real way … that #craft is an attitude.

See you there.

Friday 21st September at 22:30. Doors open at 22:00. Tickets 5€ (Dylan’s beer included)

Chris White Play El Feo

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